Life doesn't need to be a constant struggle for autistic individuals.

A lifetime living with autism has given me insight into how the Autistic mind works and how it differs from more 'Neurotypical' minds. I enable environments and relationships that work for all involved.

What others see as 'challenging behaviour' I see as a misunderstanding that needs translating. I have that ability to translate, because I've had that same difficulty, and found solutions and coping mechanisms.

Autism mentoring and 'translating': Working with autistic individuals in school, employment and everyday situations to enable understanding and progress. Explaining autism needs and communication styles to non-autistic individuals.

Typical feedback as a speaker:

"Thanks very much for your great speech on Friday. You spoke with confidence, giving useful information in a style that was enjoyable to listen to."

"You gave insights into how autistic people form, need and want friendships with intelligence and appropriate use of humour. Audience feedback was excellent"

Working nationally via Autism Oxford UK with national and international speakers such as:

Professor Tony Attwood, Sarah Hendricks, Richard Maguire and Ann Memmott.

Recent contracts include autism problem-solver and trainer in schools,(age 7-14) working in a one-to-one environment with children and young people who were struggling to access relationships, school and the curriculum. Excellent track record of success. Happy to talk about your situation and see what we can achieve together.